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Brenda Gandara


  • Depression
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Brenda Gándara, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Brenda Gándara uses cognitive behavioral (CBT), existential-humanistic, interpersonal, and somatic approaches to therapy within a culturally-relevant framework. She tailors every session to reflect and address her clients’ specific and current needs. Her approach to therapy is to safely facilitate and co-create deep understanding of her clients’ unique circumstances, challenges, and choices to help empower each individual to uncover and better experience their authentic self.

Dr. Gándara is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in therapeutic treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, low self-esteem, work and relationship stress, sexual abuse, addictions, and life transitions (including divorce, retirement, bereavement, emigration, geriatric care, and adjustment to disability). She also works with clients to explore life purpose and spiritual issues and to heal from political or religious violence or abuse.

Education & Experience

Dr. Gándara received her Doctorate and Master degrees from the Texas A&M University and her undergraduate degree in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach. She also completed an accredited internship in the VA Caribbean Healthcare System in Puerto Rico which focused on the integration of mind and body (physical and psychological components) for optimal wellbeing. She has conducted extensive research on self-compassion, empathy, enculturation, and acculturation processes.

Dr. Gándara is bilingual in Spanish and holds a strong social justice commitment to providing culturally-responsive and evidence-based interventions in all areas of her clinical practice.

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