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Parul Patel


  • Couples, Relationship and Marriage Counseling
  • Infidelity Recovery
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Conscious Uncoupling
  • Relationship Decision Making
  • Weight Loss Surgery Evaluations
  • Ketamine Evaluations
  • Surrogacy Evaluations
  • Adoption Evaluations
  • Domestic Violence Evaluations


CA License #PSY22223

Parul Patel, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Parul Patel specializes in relationship distress recovery and is committed to helping her clients address emotional wounds and move towards wellness. She believes the quality of one’s life is deeply informed by the quality of one’s relationships and she works with her clients to understand and shift their pain causing patterns. Along with regular therapy she also offers Couples Retreats: (www.couple-care.com). Dr. Patel’s primary therapeutic orientations include Attachment Theory informed therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy. However, she considers herself eclectic and uses therapeutic techniques that best match the needs of her clients.

Dr. Patel helps clients address relationship concerns such as: resentment, contempt, shut down and disconnection, trauma, lack of intimacy and compassion, as well as effects of childhood or past trauma. She believes warm, therapeutic and non-judgmental professional support plays a pivotal role in navigating the journey to healing. Some of Dr. Patel’s specialties include relationship crisis, relationship decision making, couple communication, repair, and reconnection.

Education & Experience

Dr. Patel has a Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Masters in Human Development. With over 15 years of psychotherapy experience, specializing as a relationship counselor, and having researched love in Contemporary Life, and Conflict Resolution in relationships, she brings this research, insight, and experience to her work with individuals and couples.

Prior to joining the practice, Dr. Patel was Director of Clinical Training with California Southern University, and Clinical Director at SAHARA (a non-profit community-based organization). She remains involved in clinical supervision at SAHARA. She has published a novel, Meera, available internationally.

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