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Benefits of Working With a Neuro-Psychologist

Behavioral health specialists in neuro-psychology support patients and their families as they navigate neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias, Multiple Sclerosis, or neurological injuries such as strokes or MTBI’s. We also help patients and their families in adjusting to a diagnosis or illness, increasing resiliency and coping strategies, and reducing some of the symptoms that can accompany neurological disorders such as depression, anxiety, anger or irritability and insomnia. We strive to be an integral part of the treatment team, working alongside our physician colleagues to provide holistic care, improve treatment outcomes, and enhance patients’ quality of life.

Neuro-Psychology Resources

How to Find Hope When Living With Dementia - Blog

Hope is not typically the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of dementia, but that’s exactly what one needs when faced with a diagnosis. “Dementia” is an umbrella term used to diagnose a decline in memory and other mental abilities that interfere with daily life.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Depression and Anxiety in Parkinson’s Disease - Peer-Reviewed

Egan, S. J.., Laidlaw, K., & Starkstein, S. (2015). Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Depression and Anxiety. Journal of Parkinson's Disorder, 5(3), 443-451. doi: 10.3233/JPD-150542

Neuro-Psychology Patient Handout

Neuro-psychologists are behavioral health providers who are trained to support patients with neurological disorders. Research reveals approximately 52% of patients with neurological conditions will experience depression and anxiety symptoms. View the entire handout below.

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