Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents by Lindsay C. Gibson, PsyD

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

How to Heal from Distant, Rejecting, or Self-Involved Parents.

If you grew up with a parent who was difficult, immature, or emotionally unavailable, you may continue to experience lingering feelings of anger, loneliness, betrayal, or abandonment. You may recall your childhood as a time when your emotional needs were not met, when your feelings were dismissed, or when you took on adult levels of responsibility in an effort to compensate for your parent’s behavior. However, these wounds can be healed and you can move forward in your life by recognizing the feelings and controlling your reactions.

In this insightful and compassionate book, clinical psychologist Dr. Lindsay Gibson provides revealing anecdotes and enlightening exercises for adult children of distant or self-involved parents to begin the step-by-step journey toward self-awareness, healing, and a more emotionally-connected life. By freeing yourself from your parents’ emotional immaturity, you can recover your true nature and learn how to create positive, new relationships to help build a better life.

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