The Happiness Trap: How to Stop Struggling and Start Living by Russ Harris

This empowering best-seller by Dr. Russ Harris presents techniques and insights based on ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapyt) to help readers break free from feelings of depression, anxiety and insecurity, and build a more satisfying and meaningful life.

In easy-to-understand terms and language, Dr. Harris explains how clarifying your values and developing mindfulness (a technique for living fully in the present moment), and practicing ACT helps you escape the happiness trap and find true satisfaction in life.  

How millions of Americans seek out happiness ends up making us miserable, driving epidemic levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

The techniques presented in The Happiness Trap will help readers to:
• Reduce stress and worry
• Handle painful feelings and thoughts more effectively
• Break self-defeating habits
• Overcome insecurity and self-doubt
• Create a rich, full, and meaningful life

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